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There are many people who consider their car music system and lights as the only electronic components in the car. Well, this is not the case as every car has numerous electronics. By staying updated with the latest electronic components, you find that you will enjoy more features this way. Most of them are vital for the functionality of the vehicle.

What are the Electrical Components in Cars?

Besides the music system, others include but not limited to steering control, cameras, security alarms, transmission controls, and headlights. These are basic components that are electrically generated and enhance the functionality of the …

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There is every reason you should not drive a car that has a stone chip. This is because it is very easy for the chip to spread and become a big crack. This, of course, means more money to replace and it is also a safety hazard. Why would you wait for a windscreen to be replaced when you have an option of paying a small fee from a repair company like Metro Auto Glass to repair it?

·         Affects Visibility

A windscreen that has a stone chip is a safety hazard. One reason is that it reduces your vision particularly …

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There are countless distractions on the road. But we are not talking about that amazing late model luxury vehicle that is being used as a wedding car hire drives past you. We are talking about technology and more importantly phone usage while driving.

Distracted driving is such a huge problem today where technology seems to make things easier. More and more deaths are resulting from distracted driving across the globe. Smartphones have been the biggest source of this problem as people chat; talk on the phone, stream live videos, visit websites or even use social media among other things while …

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One of the most significant parts of your car is a windshield. It does not only protect those in the car from the wind as the name suggests, but it also protects them from elements and keeps them generally safe. When the windshield is cracked or minimally damaged, should you have it repaired or it can hold since it is just a small part or when should you have it repaired?

When the Damage is Large in Size

When the damage on the windshield is large in size, it should be repaired as soon as possible. You should work with …

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Some parking space will be enough for smaller vehicles in size but there are others that are too small that it needs a lot of effort to park a car correctly. A driver will a long car will struggle to park in a tight space more than that of a mini car. To help drivers in such cases, automotive experts have come up with various parking sensors. You may have seen most with a rear-facing camera that displays the rear of the vehicle. A driver can clearly see what is behind the car to reverse with ease.

What Are Parking

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If most drivers were to be asked, they would not have to pay for fuel. They would just have to drive their cars without worrying about fuel consumption. Fueling a car is one of the most expensive ways of maintaining a car. If you are addicted to your car or you must use it on a daily basis, there is always a way that you can make your car more fuel efficient.

Avoid Idling Your Car

Did you know that idling your car makes it consume more fuel? Instead of letting your car idle for five minutes while waiting for …

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From time to time, you may hear car manufacturers recall some car models simply because they have an issue. While some may be recalled due to brake issues, others may be recalled due to headlights issues and so on. So what are the most common headlight issues?

  • Poor lighting. Light issues are one common problem with car headlights. While some may be too bright, others will be too dull making some drivers uncomfortable. This is a huge risk while driving in total darkness as it affects visibility in both scenarios. It could lead to accidents.
  • Flickering lights. When there is
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