There are many people who consider their car music system and lights as the only electronic components in the car. Well, this is not the case as every car has numerous electronics. By staying updated with the latest electronic components, you find that you will enjoy more features this way. Most of them are vital for the functionality of the vehicle.

What are the Electrical Components in Cars?

Besides the music system, others include but not limited to steering control, cameras, security alarms, transmission controls, and headlights. These are basic components that are electrically generated and enhance the functionality of the car. These features bring more comfort and enjoyment while driving the car. 

  • Entertainment Systems

The most popular car electronics is the entertainment system. The systems may vary from car to car in terms of design and functionality. Most modern systems are technologically advanced to be connected to smartphones and use USB cables. You can actually charge your phone through the USB port. A navigation system, vehicle audio, and data access are some features of car entertainment systems. 

  • Automotive Camera

Besides dashboard cameras that will record activities, there are other types of automotive cameras. They are designed to assist the driver. While integrated with the car’s safety system, they are quite helpful. Interior-view, rear-view, side-view, corner and forward-view cameras come in handy. A driver should not worry about flickering when the cameras are recording as most if not all have an LED flicker mitigation function. 

  • Parking Sensors

These electronic components are fast becoming popular in new cars. Although most will be in-built in the car, you can purchase from stores or car dealers and have them installed. They are extremely helpful when parking especially in those tricky lots. They will show the obstacles and beep when too close to them. This is made possible by the display unit on the dashboard and the sensor. They are mostly installed on the bumpers.

Electronically smart cars make life easier. It’s easy to manage the car and even avoid issues such as hitting stuff while parking. The electronic components in any car are not limited to the music system and headlights. Think about the collision avoidance system, different cameras, parking sensors, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, security alarms, and engine ignition. For less torque interrupt and better shift comfort, the transmission system is controlled by electronics.