There is every reason you should not drive a car that has a stone chip. This is because it is very easy for the chip to spread and become a big crack. This, of course, means more money to replace and it is also a safety hazard. Why would you wait for a windscreen to be replaced when you have an option of paying a small fee from a repair company like Metro Auto Glass to repair it?

·         Affects Visibility

A windscreen that has a stone chip is a safety hazard. One reason is that it reduces your vision particularly when it’s in line with your eye level. You struggle to see ahead and it becomes worse when the weather is not good such as during heavy rains and fog. Most experts recommend that the damage is repaired if its 10mm and above if it’s within the level of the driver’s eyes.

·         Easy to Fail Annual Tests

Most governments if not all require that all cars undergo an annual test to assess whether they meet safety standards and roadworthiness. This is conducted by the ministry of transport. If the stone chip on the windscreen has not been repaired, the car will fail the test. You will be forced to have it repaired before you can get your car back on the road which will be embarrassing.

·         It May need Replacement

Ignoring a small stone chip can be costly since as it spreads, you will need the entire windscreen to be replaced. Professional technicians will have to look at the damage and decide whether it can be repaired or not which may depend on the location of the chip. In most cases, a replacement will be needed which is not only expensive, but it is also time-consuming.

·         The Structural Safety of the Car is Minimized

The structural safety of your car is minimized when a stone chip is not repaired in good time. This is very important regardless of the make or model of a car. Remember that the entire windscreen plays a big role in the structural integrity of the entire car. Small damage jeopardizes this is a significant way.

Even when that stone chip seems small, it should be repaired immediately. This will prevent an expensive windscreen replacement, reducing the structural safety of the car, failing ministry of transport tests and affecting your visibility as you drive.