One of the most significant parts of your car is a windshield. It does not only protect those in the car from the wind as the name suggests, but it also protects them from elements and keeps them generally safe. When the windshield is cracked or minimally damaged, should you have it repaired or it can hold since it is just a small part or when should you have it repaired?

When the Damage is Large in Size

When the damage on the windshield is large in size, it should be repaired as soon as possible. You should work with an automotive specialist to assess the damage and see whether it can be repaired. Some damages can be too big for a repair and will only need the windshield replaced. They will assess and measure the damage size to come up with the best solution.

When the Damage Obstructs Vision

The location of the damage greatly determines whether the windshield should be repaired immediately or not. The driver’s vision matters most as any obstruction could lead to a deadly accident. Apart from being repaired if it obstructs vision, it should also be repaired immediately if it’s located on a corner of a windshield. This is because such damage makes it unstable and it’s easy for the damage to spread.

When the Damage is Too Deep

Your car windshield has two layers that are separated by vinyl plastic. When the damage has penetrated into the vinyl, it might be salvaged but if it has gone through the two layers, it should not be repaired but instead replaced. The repair might never work and it will just spread fast.

When it seems to Be Spreading

If the damage started out as a small chip and the following day it looked like it had spread, it’s time to get the windscreen repaired. It is dangerous to let it spread.

The cost of repairing the windshield is much lower than when you have to repair it. If the damage has penetrated the two layers of the windshield, it obstructs driver’s vision, its located at the corner of the screen and is large in size, it should be repaired as soon as possible. This will not only enhance your safety, but it will save you money considering that its quite expensive to replace the entire windshield.