There are countless distractions on the road. But we are not talking about that amazing late model luxury vehicle that is being used as a wedding car hire drives past you. We are talking about technology and more importantly phone usage while driving.

Distracted driving is such a huge problem today where technology seems to make things easier. More and more deaths are resulting from distracted driving across the globe. Smartphones have been the biggest source of this problem as people chat; talk on the phone, stream live videos, visit websites or even use social media among other things while driving. They are busy on the phone and before they know it, they have already smashed their cars on something or someone.

Automotive Connectivity should Be Adjusted

Most new cars make smartphone connectivity very easy. It becomes easy to use your phone while in the car and more dangerously while driving. This connectivity takes a lot of attention from those behind the wheel considering that even one minute can make a lot of difference in driving. One minute is enough to cause a deadly accident. 

What are some of the Ways That Distracted Driving is Being Controlled

Manufacturers have also been concerned by the increased cases of accidents resulting from distracted driving. Although some have been considering working on self-driving more, it will be a long time before we get there. They are introducing varying features to help in dealing with this menace.

  • Lane Keep Assist

This is one of the features that manufacturers are using to help curb the problem of distracted driving. It’s a way of prompting the driver that they are not careful with driving in terms of lane keeping. If the driver does not activate the turn indicators and happens to go outside the lane which happens when one is distracted, this device will give a prompt.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

This is another feature that is being installed in cars to help prevent accidents resulting from distracted driving. This feature is quite useful as it prevents hitting the car in front. It detects both the distance and the speed of the car ahead just in case you are busy doing other things while driving. One interesting feature about this device is that it has the power to adjust speed depending on that of the vehicle in front.

Distracted driving can result from many things besides using personal devices when driving. Looking at things along the way, being deep in thoughts, eating or drinking are just some of the other things that lead to distractive driving. Apart from the lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control, there are other different features that can help with this problem. In spite of these features, it is the work of the drivers to ensure they pay attention on the roads.