Month: May 2019

Distracted driving is such a huge problem today where technology seems to make things easier. More and more deaths are resulting from distracted driving across the globe. Smartphones have been the biggest source of this problem as people chat; talk on the phone, stream live videos, visit websites or even use social media among other things while driving. They are busy on the phone and before they know it, they have already smashed their cars on something or someone.

Automotive Connectivity should Be Adjusted

Most new cars make smartphone connectivity very easy. It becomes easy to use your phone while …

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One of the most significant parts of your car is a windshield. It does not only protect those in the car from the wind as the name suggests, but it also protects them from elements and keeps them generally safe. When the windshield is cracked or minimally damaged, should you have it repaired or it can hold since it is just a small part or when should you have it repaired?

When the Damage is Large in Size

When the damage on the windshield is large in size, it should be repaired as soon as possible. You should work with …

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Some parking space will be enough for smaller vehicles in size but there are others that are too small that it needs a lot of effort to park a car correctly. A driver will a long car will struggle to park in a tight space more than that of a mini car. To help drivers in such cases, automotive experts have come up with various parking sensors. You may have seen most with a rear-facing camera that displays the rear of the vehicle. A driver can clearly see what is behind the car to reverse with ease.

What Are Parking

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