If most drivers were to be asked, they would not have to pay for fuel. They would just have to drive their cars without worrying about fuel consumption. Fueling a car is one of the most expensive ways of maintaining a car. If you are addicted to your car or you must use it on a daily basis, there is always a way that you can make your car more fuel efficient.

Avoid Idling Your Car

Did you know that idling your car makes it consume more fuel? Instead of letting your car idle for five minutes while waiting for someone, switch it off. Even when you are just starting the car in the morning to warm it up, avoid this habit. If you keep idling your car for longer periods, your fuel consumption will definitely go up.

Embrace Smooth Driving

Smooth driving is not only safe for you, but it also improves fuel efficiency while at the same time reducing wear and tear. Smooth driving involves avoiding heavy braking, driving the highest gear while laboring the engine and applying full throttle are some of the bad habits that should be avoided. By avoiding this, your car’s fuel efficiency will improve significantly.

Use the Right Products

When servicing your car, it’s important that you use the recommended products. Car manufacturers will always recommended specific products such as motor oil. By using the wrong products on the engine, it is highly likely that your car will experience parasitic horsepower loses and lower fuel efficiency.

Avoid Rough Terrains

As long as it’s possible, avoid driving on rough terrains. This is because you will drive slowly and your car will keep bouncing on such a terrain. The bouncing and the slow driving decreases the fuel efficiency of your car and thus, you should avoid rough terrains whenever possible.

Take Your Car for Regular Checks

When your car is in perfect condition, it will improve its fuel efficiency. The wheels should be aligned, broken springs should be replaced same as worn out shocks. While at this, have your engine checked on a regular basis.

By embracing smooth driving, ensuring your car is in perfect condition, avoiding idling for prolonged periods of time, using the right products during servicing and avoiding rough terrains are just some of the ways that you enhance your car’s fuel efficiency.