From time to time, you may hear car manufacturers recall some car models simply because they have an issue. While some may be recalled due to brake issues, others may be recalled due to headlights issues and so on. So what are the most common headlight issues?

  • Poor lighting. Light issues are one common problem with car headlights. While some may be too bright, others will be too dull making some drivers uncomfortable. This is a huge risk while driving in total darkness as it affects visibility in both scenarios. It could lead to accidents.
  • Flickering lights. When there is poor headlight connection, the lights will flicker on and off. This is dangerous as you could hit something or someone or even miss a turn when the lights flicker off.
  • Regular burning out of bulbs. This could be caused by various reasons. Oils, bulb installation, improper fixing and bulb socket corrosion are just some of the reasons that your headlight bulbs could be burning out too often. This is as well dangerous as it could happen anywhere at any time.

How can Car Headlight Issues be fixed?

There are various ways that car headlight issues can be fixed. It depends on the actual problem and how it affects the driver.

  • Poor lighting which is a huge risk is easily fixed by an expert. One of the most effective ways to fix poor lighting is to have better alignment or purchase HID or LED headlights.
  • Flickering on and off. This happens when there is a poor connection of wires or the bulb has high wattage. Whether it is a single wire or it’s the entire wiring assembly, this needs to be fixed by a professional. A professional needs to identify the root cause of the flickering and troubleshoots it in the best way possible.
  • Proper installation of bulbs to avoid moving around and replacing the bulb sockets that are worn out are ways that you can prevent regular burning out of your headlights.

One should not take chances with their cars especially when they have issues. If your headlights have been flickering or has poor lighting, it’s time to have it fixed by a professional. Avoiding trying to troubleshoot the problem if you are not an expert as this could lead to more issues. Your safety on the road is paramount and this is the reason you should ensure that your car headlights are in proper working condition.